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About Brill International

It's our pleasure to welcome you to the Brill. A reputed brand name in global market operating under the name and style of M/s Pista Palace Trading Company, Delhi indulge in trade of dry fruits namely “Pistas and Almonds”. Initially the company started under guidance of our father Late Shri Suresh Kumar Sharma, engaged in trading of dry-food and spices in Delhi. Brill Corporation was founded in 1989. With the progress, Mr. Mahesh Kumar Sharma joined us as a Processing and New Development Manager. Thereafter, Mr. Sunil Kr. Sharma and Mr Naresh Sharma also joined with us as partner thus strengthening our base. Mr. Jitender Sharma took over the charge of handling legal affairs and trade globally. Recently Abhishek Sharma has joined the company as an expert on issues related to exports. All these experts and professionals, dynamic, enthusiastic and good knowledge of competitive world will help in expanding business to higher trajectory. We are one of the pioneer companies to launch roasted pistachio in the Indian market.

We are leading exporters of different varieties of dry-fruits and species. Our goods are in demand in countries like USA, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Afghanistan, Australia, Indonesia and UAE. We have an expertise in processing, grading and marketing different range of dry-fruits and species products all over India as well as foreign countries under our registered trademark "Brill". All the products we export are processed and graded in our factory premises and we ensure that our clients are served with hygienic and quality products.

We have highly qualified Agro-Engineer who check thoroughly and ensure their presence is going under processing. Quality is never compromised, to maintain a quality thorough check of the products is done at every step. They also check raw-materials and whenever require they also visit field for having knowledge of harvest.

Our company encourages healthy and hygienic eatables by offering consumers original, high quality, handmade and tasty snacks. Our strong business policies and emphasis on quality has helped us in establishing Brill as one of the premium brand in the market. In the last 25 years, we have successfully overcome the stiff competition due to our high quality standards and adherent market strategy.

OUR 25-years of performance reflect the strength and innovative ability of the company. Globally our brand is sold in around 12 countries: Brill Roasted Pistachio, Brill Almond Oil, and Brill Cubeb. While other dry fruits and species are Brill Figs Fruit, Brill Pine nut Kernel, Brill Nut, Brill Walnut kernel, Brill Star Anise, Brill Nutmeg, Brill Turmeric,

Brill Mace, Brill Mellon Seed, Brill desiccated coconut, Brill Dry coconut, Brill Cardamom, Brill Black pepper, Brill cumin etc. are among the India's most recognizable dry-fruit and species names, trusted and relied upon by consumers everywhere.

Brill as a brand name continuously endeavours for adapting to upgraded technology and continuous improvement. These values are reflected not only in the quality of our products but also the reputation of our Company.